I am a musician and a visual artist.  Oftentimes, people think of music and visual arts to be distinct and unrelated art forms, at least from a technical standpoint.  But for me, when I perform or write music, I see art.  When I draw or paint, I hear music.  I know there are other people like me who “hear color and see notes.”  And I think there are even more people who appreciate those things that combine the two worlds.

When I first learned of the coloring book format, I realized it was not only a way for people to meditate and express their creativity, but it was also a way for people to tap into senses that they thought didn’t exist.  What if a book could make you feel the emotion of a deep love story, see how a world is built and how characters navigate that world and hear the soundscapes they lived in?  And what if you could put your own spin on this book?  That’s what I am hoping to achieve with Cosmic and Eternal Love.  I hope that readers and coloring book enthusiasts have the same multi-dimensional creative experience I had.  I am excited to share this universal story that has existed in Indian mythology for many millennia, and I am even more excited that I had a chance to make it contemporary and fill it with pop music.  Inside the book, you will find 15 original compositions that allow the book to be read like a musical play, -albeit a play with very modern pop music with hints of Bollywood tunes.  I hope you have as much fun as I did!